Your questions answered, quickly and simply.


Your questions answered, quickly and simply.

Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program

What is the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program?

Airbnb is focused on making neighborhoods better places to live and visit. We work with various groups to achieve this objective, including policymakers, neighborhood associations, and the landlord community. The Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program is a collaboration that provides a way for building owners to authorize their residents to home share in a way that is transparent, and that makes sense to owners and the residents. The main pillars of the program include:

  • The ability for building owners and managers to select which residents can participate in this program (within the constraints of the law).
  • A reporting feature that allows you as a building owner or manager to monitor the hosting that takes place in your buildings by participating residents. In addition, you’ll receive certain aggregate, non-personal information about the hosting taking place in your building by residents not participating in the program.
  • Owners can ask participating hosts to turn on the Verified ID host control. With the Verified ID host control turned on, the participating hosts’ guests will connect their offline ID (such as a government-issued photo ID) to their online Airbnb account (“Verified ID”) or answer knowledge-based questions before being allowed to book.
  • Airbnb’s Host Guarantee and Host Protection Insurance for all eligible bookings.
  • A percentage of the Accommodation Fee from hosting that takes place by hosts in the program. We recommend that the funds are used for ongoing maintenance of your building, special upgrades, or neighborhood beautification.
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Who is eligible for the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program?

The program is limited to owners in select cities who execute an Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program Agreement and is available only for market rate housing and condo/owner associations. The program is intended to support people who share the home in which they live.

Where is the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program currently available?

Airbnb has selected certain U.S. cities as partners for the pilot of the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program. Additional cities will be added over time. To find out if your city is eligible for the program, fill out this form.

How long does sign-up take, and does it cost me anything?

Enrolling your property in the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program takes approximately five days. You will be assigned an implementation specialist who will contact you to discuss your application. There is no cost for enrollment.


What does Airbnb do to help protect my neighborhood or building from illicit or harmful guest activities?

We are proud to have built a compassionate community, and the vast majority of Airbnb travelers are considerate and respectful. Airbnb guests are from every country and every age group. We provide our hosts with tools to select guests that will treat their space with respect. Hosts can look for guests who have previous reviews, detailed profiles, or Verified ID. And hosts can communicate extensively with guests prior to the reservation. In addition, Airbnb has a background check policy for members, and we have a tool that neighbors can use to contact us if they have any concerns.

Am I protected against damages to property or a person that is caused by an Airbnb guest? What am I protected against?

The Airbnb Host Guarantee protects hosts in the unlikely event of property damage to their listing, and the Host Protection Insurance Program provides coverage for eligible third-party claims against Airbnb, hosts, and landlords (as additional insureds) related to both property damage and bodily injury. Details and restrictions of both programs can be found on our site:


As a building owner, am I responsible for any special taxes if I allow my resident to host?

You will be supplied a 1099 for your income associated with your Airbnb profit share if the income is greater than $20,000 and you received more than 200 payouts in the calendar year. There may additional tax obligations depending on your jurisdiction. We encourage you to consult your tax advisor and your lawyer about each region in which you enable home sharing for your residents.

Does the building owner receive financial compensation as a participant in the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program?

Yes. Under the Airbnb Friendly Buildings Program, the landlord can choose to receive a profit share from the Accommodation Fees received by participating hosts from their bookings on Airbnb. As the owner of the building, you can establish the profit share percentage with your resident host. We suggest putting this revenue into a common area maintenance fund that ensures the building continues to look and operate at its best, or into a neighborhood enhancement initiative of your choice.

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